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Sleep Culture
  • What is sleeping?
  • Sleeping means body will stop its activity, most feeling closed, muscle weakness, unsocial reclusive, the reduction of metabolism, it can ensure body's basic vital activity under the least energy consumption. It is a reversal state, it can immediately complete transition between sleeping and wake, it is very different for the state of hocus and sleeping.
    Scientific information shows sleeping is not only the stop of active, but also it can keep the best state. Sleeping plays a vital role in studying and searching spirit.

  • Why people need sleep?
  • Human need 1/3 time of their life to sleep. The reason that people must sleep is that cerebra need to relax and maintain some most important neuron group in deep sleep. There are 10 billions nerve cells in human cerebra which transfer messages to all the body corners, unused nerve cell will atrophy and even die.  Also, some study & testing show that a person whose sleep less 4 hours will catch a disease more easier than those whose sleep time reach 7-8 hours.

  • How much time do we need in sleeping?
  • Most of people trust they need 7-8 hours sleeping everyday, but it is not necessary. Time of sleeping is different according to different age, different people. Up to now , any researching report don't show how much sleeping time is suitable for all human.

    Specialists found people who have enough sleeping time is not outgoing. The necessary is you should keep deep sleeping at least 30 minutes. The sleeping time for common people should be 6-8 hours.
  • General Tips for Better Sleep
  • - Keep your room a comfortable temperature.
    - Cover up background noises.
    - Keep it dark.
    - Make an invest on mattress, quilt, pillow and sheet sets for your bed.
    - Avoid caffeine and nicotine before bed.
    - Avoid TV or computer time before bed.
    - Have a bed time routine.
    - Take a hot shower or bath.
    - Meditate and do deep breathing exercises.
    - Have a snack and milk.
    - Trap your thoughts.


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